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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation happy gasSleep dentistry provides sedation options for our patients who prefer maximum relaxation throughout their planned dental procedure. Our office provides you with choice of sedation, allowing you to select the level of comfort and depth of relief for your needs.

Sedation or Medication?

Some people just need to relax a little in order to have their dental treatment. We will discuss with you the options and it may be that Valium or another prescribed relaxant is enough for you. We will check your medical history, and let you know someone eeds to drive you to and from the clinic on the day. Its often enough for most people to have their wisdom teeth out, or a simple extraction, or root canal, without the extra cost of a Nitrous Sedation session.

Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas)

Nitrous oxide sedation is a continuous inhalation sedation that is delivered through a soft nosepiece while you’re sitting back in the dental chair. Happy gas provides overall analgesic relief that can be adjusted throughout the appointment. Some people even tend to get a case of the giggles. Nitrous is designed to help you feel light hearted and relaxed.

Both types of sleep dentistry are easy to administer and fast acting. Although you’ll be able to maintain consciousness throughout the duration of your visit, the effective pain relief makes it so that you feel less anxious or concerned about what’s going on around you.

Sleep dentistry accompanies local anaesthetic, so that the tooth or teeth being worked on are completely numb. Our sleep dentistry medications don’t leave you with any lingering drowsiness. As soon as the sedative has completely worn off (usually within 3-5 minutes) you’ll be back to your normal self again.

Since prepping for the visit and allowing the sedation to wear off does take a few extra minutes, you can plan on your procedure to last about 15 minutes longer than normal. But it’s well worth it!

We suggest opting for sleep dentistry if you’re a little nervous or have had bad dental experiences in the past. By easing your mind and ensuring your comfort, we’ll be able to work more efficiently and provide the level of care you deserve.

Sleep dentistry is ideal for situations like wisdom teeth removal, dental implant placement or root canal therapy. However, it can be added onto just about any routine appointment.

We do not recommend sedation if you are pregnant or have an underlying medical condition where the medication is contraindicated. We’ll review your health history prior to the appointment to discuss whether sleep dentistry is an option or not.

Both types of sleep dentistry allow you to come out of sedation relatively quickly, so that there aren’t any long-term effects such as drowsiness. As such, it’s safe enough for you to drive home afterward.

All ages can take advantage of our sleep dentistry options. By combating oral health needs early, you can essentially prevent more complex and expensive treatments in the future. The comfortable experience allows for less-invasive procedures that preserve the integrity of your smile as long as possible.

If you’re someone who tends to be nervous about going to the dentist, opting for sleep dentistry could help you overcome your dental phobia.

Put Your Mind at Ease

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